“Some” Good News in Wisconsin-Many high profile and controversial bills didn’t pass the Assembly on its final floor day in this legislative session and therefore cannot become law without further tweaking. Proposals to ease the sale of water utilities to private companies, assign bathrooms to transgender students, ban the sale of fetal tissue and allowing concealed guns on school grounds and in university buildings all failed to pass. However, the Assembly leadership hasn’t ruled out they may return to approve bills amended by the Senate because identical versions of bills must pass both chambers before they can be signed into law.


That being the case, we must be ever vigilant, as the Republican dominated state government continues to pass laws that suppress voting, disrespects women, immigrants, workers and the economic disadvantaged as well as our degrading our environment and destroying our public education systems.


In this very important election year, when we will be electing officials for local, state and national offices, your participation on every level is essential. Throughout the coming year, opportunities for volunteering will be numerous and requested by many entities. Consider what your contribution (whatever that is), will be, and perhaps offer just a bit more. We can bring about the changes we desperately need, but we must commit to helping elect those persons that exemplify our progressive vision.


If you are dissatisfied with the direction of our country, consider your own grassroots local party participation as one way to make a change.  Politics starts at the local level.

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