Message from Ron Kind

The Presidency of Donald Trump has brought with it a host of frightening implications. From disastrous cabinet picks to conflicts of interest, there are no shortage of things for Democrats to organize and fight back against.

However, there is one thing on his agenda that is shaping up to be a fight of life or death– protecting the Affordable Care Act. I’ll be the first to admit we still have work to do to improve it and work toward our goal of health care for all, but we’ve come so far on so many fronts we can’t repeal the ACA.

I need to hear from folks like you or people you know, how the ACA has made your lives better. Personal stories from Wisconsinites are the way we help demonstrate the real good the ACA is doing in the lives of friends, family, and our neighbors. Whether it was being able to receive life-saving medication or being able to stay on your parent’s insurance until you were 26 so you could afford to start your career straight out of college, whatever your positive experience, I need to hear these stories.

Please send any stories you would like to share to my Campaign Manager at dremiker@ronkind.org or call him during regular business hours at (920) 645-4245.

Ron Kind


Jan Way provided these phone numbers with her “Call to Action”

Call Wisconsin’s Republican legislators and tell them not to repeal the Affordable Care Act!

Paul Ryan                   202-225-3031

Ron Johnson             202-224-5323

Sean Duffy                 202-225-3365

Jim Sesenbrenner    202-225-5101

Mike Gallagher         202-225-5665


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